Finance Maximization

F&I Maximization -- Focused, Measurable Results for Your Store

F&I Maximization

The first pillar our company was founded on was maximizing back end profits and product sales. We know that over 50% of dealers bottom-line profits come from finance, so many times the quickest way to increase the overall profitability of the dealership is to start with the department who has the least amount of overhead.

Our F&I Maximization Service Includes:

  • Monthly Managers Meetings to Train, Review Numbers, Set Goals, and Gameplan
  • A Conversation Customer Interview
  • Menu Structuring and Presentation
  • The Systematic Process of Handling Objections
  • Legal And Compliance
  • The Art of Getting Deals Bought
  • Benchmarks and Goal Setting
  • Deal Structuring
  • Online Finance Training Modules
  • Live Role Play and Deal Intervention