F&I Maximization...

The first pillar our company was founded on was maximizing back end profits and product sales. We know that over 50% of dealers bottom-line profits come from finance, so many times the quickest way to increase the overall profitability of the dealership is to start with the department who has the least amount of overhead.

Game Changing Dealer Services

Finance Training & Maximization

Our finance training is a unique, customer-based approach that incorporates not only a objection-crushing review and menu, but also taps into the power of our sales team and managers to maximize products, grosses, and minimize chargebacks.


Sales Leader Training

Too many people on the desk are “managers”, IPS helps cultivate highly-trained, highly skilled LEADERS who not only stick to the most efficient, industry proven processes, but also coach, motivate, and hold their teams accountable.


Sales Training

Our sales training program goes way beyond “Road to a Sale”. We incorporate the most advanced sales psychology and customer-friendly closing techniques, then assist in accountability through top-notch technology and competition.



The most commonly misunderstood and failed department in any dealership, IPS Agency prides itself in helping set up and manage a BDC the way it was meant to be done—to be a consistent, proven force to answer customer questions and guide them into your dealership.


BottomLine Auto Technlogy

Our custom-made, industry leading finance technology that incorporates the best, easiest to use sales tools with the reporting capability dealers demand. “Made by Car People, For Car People!”


Hiring & Recruiting

Having the best people is the best way to achieving the best results. Our exclusive recruiting and hiring process is unique to the industry, and is included at cost to all IPS Partners.


Digital Marketing, Leads, and Dealer Websites

Getting the hits you want on your website? Are they converting at the rate you want? IPS Agency specializes in sorting through the pitfalls that cost dealers millions in wasted, useless expense.